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Written by “Admin”, February 9 2019, in “Sicilian cuisine”

The Sicilian cuisine is the expression of an island’s culture that, since the ancient time, represents a melting pot of different population, historical, artistic and religious events. It is a culinary art that shows the traces of a culture and of people who lived in Sicily. It is passed down from generation to generation and that’s why some oldest recipes are still present in the Sicilian cuisine every day and not only during the festivities.

The Sicilian cuisine: few high-quality ingredients for a product unique in the world

Cassate, cannoli and arancine: are only some of the most Sicilian preparations known in Italy and abroad by tourists and gluttons. Dolcefrio cooks these specialties for you using genuine and healthy ingredients. These dishes are a pleasure for your taste and remember that “Eating Sicilian cuisine is healthy!”. Mediterranean diet is indeed officially enrolled in the UNESCO List as “Cultural heritage of humanity”.

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