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production and sale of frozen Sicilian gastronomic specialties.

We are in Trapani, the ultimate point of western Sicily.

This is the city where our history started and this is the location where we produce our specialties: a place that has a historical baggage that deepens its roots far.
A city located in the center of the Mediterranean and for this reason it has been conquered over the centuries. Trapani, and all of its province, is rich in unspoilt natural, terrestrial and marine resources: sun and wind, sea, salt and unique natural products, which have won several awards, both in Italy and abroad. For exemple, the Nubia red garlic, with its intense flavor and beneficial properties, and Paceco's yellow melon, rich in potassium, vitamins and mineral salts (both Presidia Slow Food); the sea salt of Trapani (I.G.P.), which is still artisanal, and compared with common salts it contains more potassium and magnesium and less sodium chloride. Moreover, the extra virgin olive oil D.O.P., with its precious organoleptic qualities, and the D.O.C.G. wine, produced by the vineyards situated between sea and hill.

We use with pride in our recipes all the excellent products, with the aim of enhancing the flavors and quality of our specialties and contributing to a new drive towards innovation and experimentation of Sicilian taste.



Dolcefrio is the first artisanal company in gastronomic products in the West coast of Sicily. It utilizes technologically innovative instruments. A monitoring system ensures constant temperature and humidity control through out the production chain. The cooling system allows the products to be frozen at their heart at -18 °C in a very short time, in order to preserve their chemical-physical and microbiological characteristics.



In the Dolcefrio specialties every customer can find excellence of the ingredients, attention to nutrition, the passion for handmade dishes, which are synonymous of quality and satisfaction. The HACCP certificate, which guarantees the observance of the cold chain, the CE mark and ISO 9001 constitute a further guarantee of healthiness of the various production processes.



We love our traditional Cuisine. That is why our team of chefs, headed by Bartolomeo Simonte, prepares the dishes strictly by hand. When you taste the Dolcefrio’s specialties, you will enjoy, in every single bite, the flavors that are created by doing things well and with love. You will experience Sicilian taste, that expresses itself through love for food, and passion for genuine dishes.



Dolcefrio pays homage to the typical Sicilian way of gathering at the dinner table, a way of dining which reflects the history of the region, a history written by all the people that sailed the Mediterranean sea: Romans, Greeks, Arabs and many others. Our specialties keep alive the recipes that are part of our culture, in a traditional way.

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