The raw materials: 100% Italian quality

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The raw materials: 100% Italian quality

Written by “Dolcefrio”, Jenuary 15 2019, in "Raw materials"

When we talk about the qualities of raw materials we have no doubt that Italy is first in the world for its products. Through our peninsula, from the Alps to the Mediterranean, the land offers abundance of food. Sun and wind work together to give exceptional raw materials that man is able to transform in so many extraordinary, genuine and healthy products.

For us, it is very important to choose the local quality and work according to the tradition, It is essential to choose the local quality. For this reason, in regard to those who choose and trust our gastronomic specialties, we decided to select Only raw materials of the highest quality, 100% Italian.

We choose the flours that are born from wheat in the regions kissed by the Sun, lands with favorable climate for the cultivation of this cereal. We buy the best breed meat from certified farms. We do get eggs from areas where companies have a long poultry tradition, and who are respectful of animal welfare. We choose the best sheep's cottage cheese, directly from Sicilian producers at 0 km, as well as extra virgin olive oil, wine and vegetables used in the preparations. All these excellent raw materials are combined through recipes handed down for generations, giving life to the sweet and savory dishes that today, we of Dolcefrio, we propose.

The real Sicily passes from the food.

The food, to know it read, is like a book of memoirs. In tasting a cannoli or a panella, a Sicilian knows to savor a piece of his childhood and history. With the conviction that food, in addition to nourishing, enriches culturally, we of Dolcefrio, caped by chef Bartolomeo Simonte, we want you to discover the real Sicily through our products. Our region can be, in fact, visited, adored, dreamed, loved, even hated, but must also be eaten, to be understood to the end. That's why we want to share with those who choose our gastronomic specialties the love for our territory, for the quality of the raw materials and for the tradition. And we decided to do it for good: We prepare the recipes in an artisan way, choosing for you only the best products and cooking them according to tradition, to make you taste all the Sicilian taste, the original.


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